We’ve developed a ground breaking free cooling control system at Cinque Energy Solutions that can significantly reduce the amount you spend on cooling solutions. There’s no need for new and costly data centres or UPS machines as we’ll fit the cooling system onto your existing units.

What is Direct Free Cooling?

Our free cooling or free air control system uses the ambient outside air temperature to cool your server or UPS machines, without the use of air conditioning. This means you can dramatically reduce the running costs of your equipment from between 20% - 75%, which in turn offers a potential for large financial savings. Take a look at these examples:

100KW cooling saving per year £21,621.60 33Kwh @ 10p Kwh

1000KW cooling saving per year £216,216.00 330Kwh @ 10p Kwh

10000KW cooling saving per year £2, 162,160.00 3300KWh @ 10p Kwh

How does Free Cooling work?

Free cooling works by using your existing close control air conditioning systems with additional supply/extract fans, ductwork, dampers, sensors and Cinque Energy Solutions’ unique control system. The control system monitors the outdoor air temperature 24/7 to establish when filtrated fresh air can be used to cool your server and UPS systems, switching back to your original air conditioning when the ambient air is too warm. The outdoor air temperature is monitored on a real-time basis, ensuring maximum free cooling and maximum cost reductions.

Take a look at our direct free cooling information pdf to see exactly how the cooling system works.

The 5 Steps to Direct Free Cooling:

1.    Phone, send an email or contact us via our website giving us your contact details and outlining your requirements.

2.    We will contact you as quickly as possible to arrange a mutually agreeable date to carry out a site survey by one of our expert close control engineers. The survey will ascertain the suitability of your application for free cooling. We will then provide you with a free quotation and a projection of cost savings.

3.    On acceptance of our quotation, we will design a custom designed system and provide the ducted infrastructure, sensors, dampers and control system which will automatically manage and maximise the free cooling available and saving on running costs. We will also provide a monitoring system for you to see the cost savings in real-time.

4.    We will then schedule your custom designed installation by our fully qualified in-house engineers.

5.    On completion of works, we will complete a handover package and provide product training to the relevant staff.

If you’d like to find out whether free cooling would be suitable for your premises, give us a call, email or contact us via our website with your contact details, outlining your requirements. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a site survey and our expert close control engineers will talk you through everything you need to know.