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Cinque Energy Solutions can trace its commitment to the telecommunications industry back to 1996, when the founding directors were involved in building data centres. Using the valuable knowledge gained from these projects, the directors established Cinque Energy Solutions to provide a fully integrated preventative maintenance and refurbishment service to these and other data centres: something that is critical to our success. To this day, Cinque Energy Solutions remains loyal to that initial mission statement.

Over the years, Cinque Energy Solutions has expanded to include the following extra support services for its clients:

Our success is driven by the quality of the work we carry out. Our people work responsibly and with a consistent commitment to excellence. We apply innovative technologies and are always looking for new ways to improve energy efficiency for our customers.

We work with all kinds of companies including those that operate in telecommunications, retail and education. We also provide energy efficiency solutions to government establishments throughout the UK, including hospitals and defence sites.

Ensuring our customers’ needs are always met is what sustains our success.

Cinque Energy Solutions’ Company Values

Not only do we respect our clients’ operational needs, we also apply an open and honest approach to all our business dealings. Our approach is always professional and our service is built on integrity.

Our aims

  • To provide our clients with a service that consistently delivers excellence
  • To offer environmental and energy reducing solutions for our clients’ operations
  • To achieve a first fix to breakdowns through our service programmes
  • Where we can’t achieve a first fix, we strive to deliver a  solution as soon as possible
  • To embrace change as a way to improve our services

We aim to provide a standard of service that exceeds both current industry standards and customer expectations. We achieve this by constantly monitoring our performance through feedback from clients and internal audits. In addition, we constantly expand the expertise of our engineers with internal and external CIPD and training programmes.

Cinque Energy Solutions’ contracts are built carefully around each client’s specific needs. All work is carried out to current health and safety standards. We’re professional, safe and we always follow best practice.


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